Whole Smoked Meats

We are glad to sell whole brisket, whole smoked turkey, whole fried turkey, whole spiral cut ham, whole smoked chickens, whole sausage links, and whole hot link strings. We've slow smoked it so that it is moist and delicious. We need your order at least a day before you come to pick it up. Serve your guests the best smoked meat in Dallas. Watch their eyes light up as you cut off the slice for their serving! You will be the Slice-master! Call us at (214) 696-6940!

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Custom Smoked Meats

Let us Custom Smoke your meat! You bring us the meat that you want custom smoked, either frozen or thawed. Whether is is brisket, turkey, venison, bison, ham, or whatever. (We draw the line at possum! And, don't even think about skunk or armadillo!) We'll slow smoke it so that it is mouth wateringly, melt-in-your-mouth, plum deliciously good. We will only charge $1.95 per pound. Give yourself the best custom smoked meat in Dallas! Remember, smoked meat will have a light pink tinge of color to it. That pink is proof that it was smoked. Just the thing for any occasion. Leave the muss and fuss to us! Call us at (214) 696-6940!