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Down-Home Good! After we caught the FBI going through our trash trying to get the recipe for our Bar-B-Q Sauce, we decided to put it in jars and sell it. Now, we've added a spicy BBQ Sauce. Now, you can buy our stuff just by calling us on the phone. Tell us what you want, give us your credit card number, and tell us how soon you need it to arrive. We will figure out the shipping fee and get it off on its way to you. What could be easier? This way we avoid some of the internet scam artists. • Original Smokehouse BBQ Sauce (16oz jar) $ 7.95 • Pulled Pork Smokehouse BBQ Sauce (16oz jar) $ 7.95 • Spicy Smokehouse BBQ Sauce (16oz jar) $ 7.95 Call us at at (214)696-6940!

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Gift Cards

We got 'em! It's kinds like a credit card, except it's for something useful. Give someone the best Bar-B-Q in Dallas! And, it's in a nice, convenient, package. You can get these cards in just about any amount that you want. These things are about as handy as a third hand. Call us at (214)696-6940! And, we'll fix up your card (or cards), and send it (or them) right to you! What could be easier?